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Ithaqua, a virtual continent that corresponds to 500 square kilometers in reality and is manually built by the creator. Which has tons of stories ready for you



Ithaqua was originally a green and rich land. Thousands of years ago, the Boritla snowfield across the north of the continent did not appear.

During the elf era, the continuous wars between several elf empires led to a sharp rise in the magic level of the mainland. Finally, in a decisive battle, the excessive magic concentration finally eroded the minds and bodies of both sides, and finally led to the explosion of the most important magic pool in the north of the mainland.

The incalculable magic finally turned into wind and snow persist thronghout the year. Since then, the Boritla snowfield appeared in the north of Ithaqua, which is known as the "Disaster of Boritla" in history.

After this battle, the magic pools on the mainland dried up one after another, and the magic level in the atmosphere did not exist. The elf Empire, which once been the stongest relied on magic, declined. The elf era also ended by it.

The decline of the elf Empire led to the disintegration of the order established by the elves on the mainland. At this time, human beings, who were once slaves from another world, suddenly emerged. The mainland territory that once belonged to the elves was gradually conquered by the human rebel army, until the elves' territory was compressed to the Boritla snowfiled.

To make matters worse, for elves, the magic in the atmosphere is a crucial element for their physiological survival. The sudden drop of magic concentration not only led to the sharp weakening of the elf army, but also caused the painful death of many civilians in the highly dependent and hierarchical elf society.

Under the internal and external troubles, the rule of the elf emperor finally came to an end.

Under the pressure of survival, the remaining elves gathered together and established a new country "Thea Federation" in a few original Thea empires that were not affected by the "Disaster of Boritla".

After the overthrow of the old order, there were also divergence of views within the human rebel army. Several internal power could not compromise on the issue of power distribution, and finally moved towards separation.

The leader who once had the highest power in the rebel army called himself the God King, took the throne and established a huge empire - Cronus Empire, which occupied one-third of the mainland

Some scholars who are highly interested in magic settled in the only known magic spring near the dimit basin. Over time, it gradually expanded as the only magic crystal supplier on the continent. It has become a country of knowledge and freedom in which Parliament feels the fate of the country - -- lettiel

The imperial governor, who had the most serious differences with the divine king, took the fleet overseas to the south. He established a city in an unknown port in the south that had been established by pirates, fishermen and smugglers, inherited the name of the former port and raised the black flag - Black port

In the following years, the country of craftsmen and the small country in the North - talmu were established one after another until today.

Chinese version:


精灵纪元年间 数个精灵帝国之间的征战不休使大陆的魔力水平急剧上升 最终在一次决战中,过高的魔力浓度终于侵蚀了参战双方的心智与形体 最终导致了大陆北部最重要的魔力之池的爆炸。


经此一役,大陆的魔力之池纷纷枯竭,大气中的魔力水平十不存一。曾经依靠魔力无人能敌的精灵帝国就此衰落。精灵纪元 也靠之终结。




残余的精灵在生存压力之下集结在一起,在“博瑞缇亚之灾”少数没有影响到的原忒亚帝国建立了全新的国度 “忒亚联邦”


起义军中曾经权位最高的首领 自称神王,走上了王座,建立起了占据大陆三分之一的庞大帝国 --- 克洛诺斯帝国

一部分对魔力抱有高度兴趣的学者在狄米特盆地附近的唯一一座已知暂时没有枯竭的魔力之泉定居,久而久之,作为大陆唯一的魔力水晶供应者逐渐扩张。成为了由议会觉得国家命运的学识与自由之国 --- 莱缇伊尔

与神王的分歧最为严重的帝国总督带着舰队去往了南方的海外,在南方的一个曾由海盗,渔民,走私者建立的无名港口建立了城市,继承了曾经港口的名称,举起了黑旗 --- 黑港

随后的时光中,工匠之国 与 北地的小国 --- 塔尔木相继成立,直至今日。