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The Elves

the chosen

a class of nearly full magical beings, possessing a strong ability to store and cast magic, but with a high demand for mana, and extremely weak if deprived of its supply. (All the chosen are born with white hair)

Pure-blood sprite

an ancient breed of pure-blood elves, endowed with the ability to store and use magic, and with a physical need for magic.

Half-blood sprite

a hybrid of a pure blood sprite and an alien (usually human), possessing the same magical organs but weaker than a pure blood sprite, whose need for magic has shifted to psychological need. They are also physically strong, and most of the members of the Ranger Corps are half-blood sprite.

Now the concentration of magic in the atmosphere is no longer enough to support the physical needs of pure blood sprite, and sprite in the field more or less need to replenish their magic crystals at regular intervals.

It is characterized by pointed ears and a naturally more beautiful appearance than humans


Mana erosion

mana is an out-of-world energy that has a natural tendency to transform a creature. In the process of transformation, the creature will have the ability to use magic, but this will also speed up the erosion of magic. In the final stages of erosion, the creature becomes purely magical and is forcibly given a great will that is not its own. It is difficult to tell whether an individual who has been fully transformed into a magical creature still has his or her former consciousness.Having been corrupted by magic, the individual will do whatever it can to open up access to the outside world, allowing more magic to pour into the world. This often leads to unimaginable disasters