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magic this singular energy is one of the world, with a few of the door to the world - the magic springs Overflow in the mainland slowly, the magic of mainland penetration in all aspects, the influence of organism in one thousand, under the influence of the magic of magic will evolve to absorb organ, this is decided by the nature of the magic itself. Creatures with magical organs are born with the ability to use magic, and wise scholars can use magic to achieve their goals in a variety of ways.

The fountain of magic

the fountain of magic is the door of the world to the outside. Magic will flow slowly through the fountain of magic, increasing the concentration of magic on the continent. In some cases, the high concentration of magic from the fountain of Magic can be detonated, at which point the magic transforms into a form that detonates it in uncontrolled bursts. Because of the high concentration of the fountain's influence, its location is often filled with magic crystals.

Wind of magic

the atmospheric concentration of magic will change with the wind direction of the world, when the wind of magic is strong, the atmospheric concentration of magic will rise sharply.



魔力本是世界之外的奇异能量,借由几个通向这个世界的门扉 -- 魔力之泉 慢慢散溢在这个大陆,魔力对大陆的影响渗透在了方方面面,生物体在千百年的魔力影响下,会不约而同地进化出吸收魔力的器官,这是魔力本身的性质所决定的。拥有魔力器官的生物天生就拥有使用魔力的能力,而高明的学者更是可以使用魔力用各种方式达成自己想要的目的。


魔力之泉是世界的通往外部的门扉,长期在高浓度的魔力涌入之下,洞口呈现宛如液体的魔力液体,故而称之为 魔力之泉。魔力会通过魔力之泉慢慢散溢在这个大陆,提高大陆的魔力浓度。 在某些情况下,魔力之泉的高浓度魔力可以被引爆,此时魔力转化为引爆它的形式,不受控制的爆发。因为魔力之泉高浓度的影响下,其所在之处往往遍布魔力水晶。