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The Tarwoody

The islands off the north coast of the mainland were uninhabited place.

And then an adventurer came to the island when he suffered lost because of the storm. Nevertheless, the island was a nice place to stay which even better than they thought, thus they were starting live here and settled down and slowly developed into a small village. 

The northernmost part of the continent, the northern edge of the Bortia Snowfield. There lies the Talwood collar. An "extraterritorial" duke of the empire.

 This is a place of death that no one can set foot in, but under the leadership of Talwood Duke, who bears the blood of Wolf, built a castle and town in the ruins of the fortress here. Once the elven uprising against human empire fort now already was the domain of the duke core - tal wooden castle.

As the only human territory to penetrate the land of the Dead, the Talwood struggled to establish a trade route between east and west from the north, and build a small port town with a sea to the north.





这本是无人能踏足的死亡之地,但在身负狼血的塔尔木公爵的带领下,在此地的堡垒废墟中建立起了城堡与城镇。 曾经人类起义军对抗精灵帝国的堡垒而今已经是公爵的领地核心 - 塔尔木堡