Ithaqua World Map


​We have ithaqua, a virtual continent that corresponds to 500 square kilometers in reality and is manually built by the creator.
Which has tons of story ready for you


Voxel Knight

A ‘warcraft ’ metaverse land for those who want to become Heros and create Legend


AI World like ‘western world’

In our VK metaverse, we will sink into the virtual world ithaqua as an audience.
We follow the npc(AI), observe the npc(AI) life, and experience the plot with immersive experience.

VK's First Festival

​The end day of our first official round time point is on November 28th. Thank the flowverse festival.

We will collect the status of the previous drop round through this round. The three types of badges will be sent to those who have collected "common" or "rare" or "legendary". These badges will correspond to our core NFTs such as the 50 buildings in our independent district.

propertyThe property right card corresponds to the right to use the relevant pictures and models of the building itself, as well as the right to use the lot where the property right is located. Owning the property right card has the right to profit from the current plot. Income includes income from advertising card transactions, income from space card transactions, income from community activities, etc.

advertisingSome buildings will have outward display signs on the exterior walls. The display board is pre-designed with scale, etc., and it is related to the rarity of the building itself. Users with advertising cards can upload or link their own NFT to the corresponding advertising space. After the advertisement card is traded, the holder of the property right card will get a part of the income. Detailed trading rules will be announced later
space card: Some buildings have internal spaces for players to use. The size of the building determines the size of the internal space. Users with space cards can use on-site construction, upload models and other DIY decorations to decorate their own building interior spaces in the future. After the space card is traded, the holder of the property right card will receive a portion of the income.

Co-created Stories and Missions

Ithaqua's world story will be written by the player community. All npc stories in the world will be voted by the community and will be officially produced as NPC behaviors.


Story Interpretation

The story will be unfolded among community players with real estate, and players with NFTs will be able to use the NFTs they own to provide a stage for the story. Shoot your own movie.


Official Episode
​Ithaqua's wonderful official stories will be staged one by one in future. As the official plot advances, the world will continue to be revealed.


2021 Q4
Implant the first community co-creation story into the world
​Develop the web-side tour experience simultaneously, and continue to update the official drama series.

2022 Q3~Q4
Release User Creation Tool 2.0
Cover user-created stories, animations, and art materials. It is possible to upload external creation models and NFTs in the world.

2021/11/28 Flowfest

First official activity with flowfest, free drop for player.

2022 Q1~Q2
Complete the development of immersive tour experience on the web.
​Incubate the first community IP project, with IP-based publishing projects.

Introduce large-scale IP projects with the creator community as the core